Featured Testimonial

"My wife and I are writing this message as an endorsement of Tim Drennan, and his company KAD Construction. We have built, or contracted to build, 15 homes over the last 50 years. We’ve had many different experiences, but none better than we have had with Tim.


We entered into a purchase contract with Tim in December, 2020, for the home we are now living in. We met with Tim, and his wife, Lisa via a ZOOM meeting that was arranged by our realtor. Tim and Lisa were very pleasant and easy to plan with. Now anyone that has ever built a home will tell you that a key element in that process involves change orders. Some builders are impossible to work with, saying no to everything!! Not Tim!! He would always promise to look into our requests and 95% of the time he would figure out a way to grant our requests.


Another really important trait that Tim has is patience. He always listens and tries his best to resolve any issues, and there are always issues....


Tim promised to close our purchase by April 15, 2021, and actually beat that date by one day. In the market we are in that was a Herculean feat!!


Lisa Drennan picked out all of our fixtures, colors, flooring, tile, etc. and did a fantastic job!!


We love our new home in Nampa, Idaho, and we think Tim and his team are wonderful."


Ted & Judy Moore